Hope City Church

Launch 48 2 Day Launches, Church, Video Blog

Hope City Church needed a younger and more easy to update website to match their much more active social media and online communication goals, so we created a website that put more power in their hands. Online donations, the ability to request and schedule meetings, and a robust video library were some of the solutions we implemented to help make it easier for Hope City to keep their content fresh, and make it easier for first-timers and the community at large to engage with them.

This Is Me TV

Launch 48 2 Day Launches, Video Blog

The team at This Is Me TV was looking for a high energy website that took visual cues from extreme sports and energy drinks. It needed to speak clearly to a younger male audience and feature their latest video. Mobile had to be priority – so we created a distinct look just for mobile users. We went over this custom design many times to ensure that the user experience was first and foremost. We pushed to add subscriptions to their newsletter – ultimately we wanted to engage users in multiple ways, past just watching a video.

Media That Matters

Launch 48 2 Day Launches, Marketing Services, Video Blog

Media That Matters is a media production company that focuses on brand story telling, and they needed a way of showcasing the stories they had helped tell. We built a custom video gallery so they could embed videos from their projects on their site, and then built the site around that gallery, with an “all roads lead to Rome” mentality. The user is directed towards the portfolio at every opportunity, and from the portfolio they are directed to sign up, creating an obvious and easy-to-follow user flow.