Media That Matters

Launch 48 2 Day Launches, Marketing Services, Video Blog

Media That Matters is a media production company that focuses on brand story telling, and they needed a way of showcasing the stories they had helped tell. We built a custom video gallery so they could embed videos from their projects on their site, and then built the site around that gallery, with an “all roads lead to Rome” mentality. The user is directed towards the portfolio at every opportunity, and from the portfolio they are directed to sign up, creating an obvious and easy-to-follow user flow.


Launch 48 2 Day Launches, Marketing Services

ideavation is a promotional marketing agency that needed a way to showcase more information about the company, as well as link to their existing online product catalog. We determined that product orders would be the low-hanging fruit, so we created a simplified website with one main page and only a few subpages, and directed users to the online catalogue to allow them to quickly find examples of the work.


Launch 48 2 Day Launches, Marketing Services

Empression is a marketing services company which offers many different services, and needed a way to separate them out. We included these in a directed navigation menu to direct visitors to exactly what they were looking for as quickly as possible. This simplified the customer journey, but served the dual purpose of assessing which services were getting the most attention based on the lead generation forms on each page.