ForShow Staging

Launch 48 2 Day Launches, Home Services, Home Staging, Interior Design

ForShow Staging has two services – home staging, for people selling their homes, and interior design for homeowners – and needed to give ample attention to each. The client also needed a way to showcase portfolio pieces for each of the services, so we created a project portfolio with the ability to sort projects based on what was done.


Launch 48 2 Day Launches, Home Services

Margaaa is a home restoration specialist and new they would get a lot of “emergency” phone calls, so they needed a site to cater to those immediate needs, while also being able to talk about the non-emergency services they offered. We created a page template for the services offered, and also added several “Call 24/7” calls to action to allow customers to reach out quickly in emergency situations like floods, leaks and mold.

The Nesting Group

Launch 48 2 Day Launches, Home Services

The Nesting Group offered “transitional” housing services for people moving, downsizing, decluttering, etc. – anyone who needed to transition or transform their space. Because of the variation in their target audiences, they needed a page for each of the services they offered and a way to capture leads on each one – a service page template with custom lead forms on each page helped simplify things for our client, as well as the end user.