Get your new website in only 2 days

Get a custom website specifically designed to generate more business for you, and learn how to manage it all yourself, in only 2 days. It’s better than doing it alone, faster than building it from scratch, and it only costs $2500. Want to learn more?

This is how we do it

Don’t Panic!

Building and launching a website alone can be overwhelming but with our process, you work with a project manager who can guide you through each step of the process.

Get Creative

You’re the creative director for the project. You know your business best, so you help prepare content, find assets, and even suggest designs, then we build it together!

Take Control

You get full control of the website after we launch – you will learn to manage it yourself so you can reshape it as your business grows (but we’re still here if you need us!)

  • “My experience was superb. I am one of those people who panic and cringe with technology – I tell people I’m allergic to it. At the end of the second day I went from being terrified to empowered.”

    – Lori M.
  • “I loved that you have full control of the website. The skills and tools that they provide you when you’re in here for the 48 hours, you’re able to manage the website and continue to make it grow.”

    – Mike E.
  • “We designed a brand new website with Launch48 and the results have been fantastic! The creation of the website, the excellent customer service, the professionalism and the attention to detail was an integral part of the experience. “

    – Michele N.

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  • Everything you need to do in one list

    There’s a lot of prep needed to build and launch a site in 2 days, but we give you a checklist of everything we need, or need to know, before we start. Working through this list will prepare you for our project days.

    We’ll also help you gather all the content and assets you need, and we provide a template to help you pre-arrange that content into the pages you will have on your website. It cuts the whole planning process down to a few hours. Watch our video to learn more  

  • Here’s how we break down the work
    Your Role

    Finding Pictures
    Finding Pictures
    Choosing Site Pages
    Choosing Pages
    Designing Pages
    Designing Pages
    Building Pages
    Building Pages

  • 2 days isn’t much time to design and build a website, so we’re going to be splitting a lot of the work with a member of our team. You play a bigger role in some things than others, but this is a rough idea of your contribution level for each part of the project.

    We start training you early so you get comfortable with WordPress, then you work with us to create and implement a design, providing input along the way. Our goal is total self sufficiency.

  • It’s finally time to launch your site!

    Before we do, we make sure your site is mobile responsive, improve its search engine optimization (SEO), and train you on how to manage everything yourself! Don’t worry, we’ll still be around to help you after you launch!

    Once we’re finished all the building, training, and optimizing, it’s time to make the site live your own domain. If you’re hosting with us, we’ll manage everything for you! And if you’re hosting the site elsewhere, we give you everything you need to launch the site yourself.

  • Our clients love our process – watch this to find out why.

Keep Creative Control

  • You write the content and pick any images and videos, we just help you put it all together
  • You provide design input at every stage, and we follow your lead on how you want the site to look
  • You get trained on how to change the content yourself and how to manage your new website

Get Expert Help

  • We provide a website content template to help you prepare the right kinds of content and assets
  • We present page design suggestions based on your input, then we work together to refine them
  • We don’t just disappear! Our team is always available to help with any changes or questions!

Ready to get started?

If you’ve got a business, a domain (URL), 2 days and $2500, you’re ready to take the first step! To get started, please tell us a bit about your business and what the primary goals would be for your website, and we’ll connect with you to book your project!